Everything comes from Love.

Absolutely everything. And I'm here to be a catalyst for your Love. For your greatness, your joy, your Soul.
You're here for a reason, Goddess. And it's time for you to have the Love, Joy + Ease you're meant to have.

It's time for you to Be In Love.


You know you're meant for more.

You feel it in your bones, in your belly. 

But it feels like you're stuck.
Like you're just going through the motions.
Like you've lost a bit of yourself, a bit of your spark -- what made you so gloriously, deliciously, joyfully YOU -- in the years you've been trying to find 'it.'

I know.
I was exactly there. 

Continually finding myself in relationships or dating men that weren't right.
Trudging along in jobs that just didn't light me up, that didn't feel like my path.
Feeling like I was getting farther and farther away from my own inner wisdom, no matter how much I tried to listen.

It's like that vision that you have of your greatest life, your deepest joy, and juiciest love is on the other side of a really freaking ANNOYING veil --- and you just don't know how to get it out of the way.

But I know how.

Because I've done exactly that, too.

You are a Goddess, and it's my job --- my mission --- to remind you; to teach you how to embody her; to help you BECOME what you are meant to become. 

And I do that by giving you the tools to to create and attract your greatest joy, your deepest Love, your Soul purpose, your BEST life and relationships --- your best YOU.

So that you can show others how possible it is just by living it.

Dive in with me.

Become the Goddess you're meant to be.

Being a CATALYST FOR LOVE, and helping you create a life and relationship with love, heart, soul --- unleashing your Goddess to create change in the world --- that's my mission.

Thank you for helping me find a fabulously delicious love and life!
— Christina
I’ve been trying for a long time, and I just didn’t understand...
But it’s like — I KNOW NOW.
It’s like I’ve been walking in a dark room and someone just turned the light on.
— Flavia
You’re changing my world, Heather.
Thank you with all my heart for being my gentle and fierce guide.
I’m on to you — I know you’re a real, magical Mermaid.
— Jeni
Thank you, Heather — you’re teaching me how to love again.
— Krista