Hello Goddess...


You're here to begin Remembering.

Diving into the Goddess Manifesto and audio Invocation below --- you'll be receiving a transmission of Remembrance, reconnecting you to an ancient, forgotten Archetype within you that holds the Key to unlocking what you're meant for...

The part of you that Knows it's supposed to be easier than this.
The part of you that Knows you're not meant for "almost right" and "almost happy."
That you're not meant for struggle, for suffering, for emptiness and loneliness.

That your relationships, your business, your life, your Soul's journey ---
--- it's not supposed to be this HARD.

It's this part of you that Knows you're meant for Mythic Love, a Mythic life, and deep access to the Magic of the Universe... 

...and how to access all of it.


Just because you're here, reading these words, having found this page, I know you're one of the women who are being tapped on the shoulder by the Divine Feminine right now --- and She's calling you to Remember who you are. 

Many women hear that same calling, and let fear keep them from following it --- it can be hard to believe we're meant for such Beauty and Pleasure in our lives. It can be hard to believe it's supposed to be easy, that we're supposed to feel such joy. 

And it can feel scary to step out of what we know --- even when what we know is keeping us stuck, struggling, suffering, and working too hard while feeling unfulfilled...

But you're here.
You listened.
And that is the beginning of your Remembrance.


The Divine Feminine is Awakening in those who are ready to return
to their Power, their Grace, their Magic --- and the fullness of their Channel of Love.

If this is calling you --- it's YOUR time.

So listen to the audio Invocation below, and then let yourself feel into Goddess Manifesto --- letting yourself feel the energy of the words in these transmissions, letting them vibrate within you...

They are an invocation, a frequency, to begin to Awaken this Remembrance within you. 

And when you feel your Goddess start to stir --- when you feel called to Receive the rest of this ancient Knowing, when you're ready to embody this Pleasure and Power for yourself --- I'm here, ready to offer you the Key to unlocking the Mystery...

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