Hello Goddess...

Your Goddess Manifesto is below --- and I want to deeply acknowledge you, and THANK you, for taking this first step. 
For taking this step toward the love you know is meant for you, the life you FEEL calling you. 
For hearing the call of something inside of you that knows you're meant for MORE. 

For Knowing --- somewhere deep in your cells --- that you're not meant for just 'normal' and 'almost' and 'okay'...

That you're meant for Mythic Love, and a Mythic life.

You're here --- so I know you're being tapped on the shoulder by the Divine Feminine, calling you to Remember who you are. 
Your power, your grace, your Magic, your limitless and deep access to LOVE.

Many women hear that same calling, and let fear keep them from following it --- it can be scary to step out of what we know, even when what we know is keeping us stuck, struggling and suffering...

Our shackles can be comfortable, even as they break us down.

It can be hard to quiet the voices that are saying we can't, that we're not good enough, that we shouldn't give this to ourselves, or that we may somehow not be meant to have this kind of Love and life.

But you're here.
You listened.
And that is SO powerful.

You've taken this first step because somewhere inside of you,

you know that it's no longer an option
to miss out on what's meant for you.

You're not going to believe the voices that say you're not worthy of what you desire, you're not settling for stay small, you're LISTENING to the voice that says you are meant for Love, joy, ease and abundance...
             ....even if it's scaring the shit out of you to take the first step toward having it.

This is where I come in ---
because once your Goddessness awakens,
it won't even be a question anymore.

So start here, by scrolling through your free Goddess Manifesto - 13 Tenets for Loving and Living like a Goddess below, or feel free to download from here and take it with you...

Let yourself FEEL the vibration of the words in this page --- they are an invocation, a frequency, to begin to Awaken this Remembrance within you. 

And when you feel your Goddess start to stir --- asking you to take another in-powered step, calling you to claim your greatness and your deepest Love --- I'm here, ready to offer you the Key to the Mystery...

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