What are love sessions?


My Love Sessions are more about my couples than they are
about my images. 
(But they're also about the images --- because OH, how I freaking love these sessions... Swoon!)

They're about deepening and expanding. 
They're about holding space so that you can renew, reconnect,
and remember. 
They're about quieting minds, slowing touch, and centering on hearts. 

No matter where you are in your love, nor where you want to go in the relationship, I want to help foster intimacy, feeling, and sensuality
with these sessions.  

Maybe you're renewing vows of love or rekindling the spark.
Maybe you're newly engaged or embarking on the journey of life together.
Maybe you want to grow your love, or simply celebrate another year together.

For any reason you come to me to help capture your love
it's my intention that you'll leave my sessions feeling a closeness and centeredness that you can carry with you -- and come back to.