How do you get ready for your shoot?

Depending on the type of shoot you're booking, I may ask you to help me choose a location for you that will help you let your true self shine, somewhere you'll feel comfortable, and (key!) where the light is fantastic. Whether it's beachy or urban, I want you to feel at ease and inspired.

{Families} I like to capture the true nature of your family -- whether you're dressing up like superheroes, bouncing on a big fluffy bed, making pancakes in pajamas, playing peek-a-boo from behind a sofa, even quietly reading a book together -- I want to see YOU. The quiet, intimate, even messy part of your family-love.

Since I'm a natural light photographer, of course I love some amazing light -- we can play in a favorite park, a petting zoo or your back yard, or we can nestle into a small corner of your home where window light casts delicious contrast onto cheeks and where shadows help tell an even deeper story. 

Don't think that means that you need to hire a cleaner and perfectly stage your rooms --- because what makes your family who you are is your real life.  

{Boudoir} Unless you're feeling daring :) -- these shoots typically happen in a rented hotel room, AirBnB rental, your home or other similar (and well-lit) interior. AirBnBs with great light are GREAT options -- usually they have some amazing 'flavor', they're clean and ready to go, and you get to have a fun mini-getaway with your main squeeze or your girlfriends. :) And they're just the most fun.
Hotels are awesome, too. Keep in mind, though, that when booking hotel rooms, you may need to get permission to have photos taken in their rooms. We can decide together if that's necessary -- if it is, be sure to tell them that these photos are for personal and private use only, not for commercial use.

I also have a very (VERY) small, in-home studio --- this is an option for boudoir or general women's portraits.


{Portraits} I would recommend bright or pastel colors, or neutrals. Whatever colors make your eyes pop or skin tones glow. Beiges and greys are always, always a solid choice, because they're somewhat near to skin-tone and usually result in a deeeeelish, soft quality in portraits. 
Solid colors are a safe bet, and tweeds, laces, and other simple patterns are also great. Avoid too-busy patterns.
Cream, like the other neutrals I mentioned above, is a fantastic color to wear, if it's a color that looks good on you, especially in the fall and winter. Black and white are both fine, but keep in mind that black won't show much detail and white reflects a lot of light. Depending on the scenario, this is AWESOME. In others, it's pretty tough. 
I'm totally happy to look at outfit ideas and help you pick something great. :)

Really, just wear what you feel comfortable in, what you feel AMAZING in, and what makes you feel like you. :)

{Families} Let your kids dress themselves. Seriously! 
The best way to both get some incredible photos you're going to love the MOST 20 years from now, and make sure the kids are on-board with the shoot, is to let them dress themselves so that they  feel like this is THEIR photo shoot. Let them know they get to play dress up, wear their favorite things, and just play with a photographer. :) 
I mean, if they want to wear their bunny costume, a sailor outfit, or throw on every. single. striped item in their closet -- I'm IN. 

{Boudoir} Anything goes, really. Wear anything that makes you feel like your siren-y, goddess self -- wear your favorite lingerie, a fun hat, a string of pearls or a tiara, or ditch the clothing and we'll wrap you up in sheets (my faaaavorite) or a sheer curtain. Bring options and I'll help to style you as we go. We'll get creative together, and I'll make sure you look fantastic.

Props are always great to have for any shoot, even if we don't end up using them. Maybe we'll just laugh about them and goof around, but either way --- fantastic things to have on a shoot. 


You really don't need to prepare anything else, but you might consider doing a bit of perusing online for photo inspiration: poses, outfits, props that you like. I will come with a handful of ideas, and will come up with others inspired by our setting, lighting, weather, my imagination and your unique look. So my advice is to come inspired, but flexible and open to what happens 'on set' --- because it will always be a little different from anything else. :)

I always LOVE when my clients send me links to new outfits they're considering buying for the shoot, or photos of the items they're thinking of wearing. It's really fun to collaborate, and can sometimes help us better plan the shoot setting/location.


Most importantly:
Be in love. And be you! :)