Seat of the Feminine

Goddess, your home is here.

You've been away — we all have for a time. But it hasn't always been this way.

Once, we resided here in the depths of our bodies; in our pelvis, our sacral bowl, our womb;
in the center of knowing, creativity, emotion and pleasure.

Once we were revered as mother, lover, wise woman, maiden and muse.

Once we sang collective truths from our wombs,
and the world wove its connected web in inspired dance.

Once we listened from here, spoke from here, birthed from here, connected from here, understood from here, felt joy and created abundance from here.

Once, when we were here, we were whole.

We can be here again.

And your Remembrance is waiting.


I’ve been where you are.

Believing there had to be more than this.
Believing I was MEANT for more than this.

Feeling, deep inside in some kind of knowing within my cells, that I wasn’t meant to have failed relationship after failed relationship; heartbreak after heartbreak. 

Toxic corporate job after soulless corporate job.

A longing to feel like I belonged, especially to something bigger than me.
To feel like I made sense, like I knew exactly why I was here — and that it wasn’t “weird,” or something to hide from, but something that was actually needed.

I thought that there was simply something I wasn’t quite understanding; something I didn’t quite ‘get’ yet, that would make all the difference. That would allow me to finally see through the fog of suffering, of struggle,
of fear, and see my way to Love and joy.

And I was right. There is so much MORE.


This Love Totem holds the energy of the work that we will do together. It holds the key to awakening our ancient, archetypal Goddess into our modern lives, relationships, bodies, Souls, and desires. It holds the key to the “MORE” you know is out there for you. The Love, the joy, the ease and the abundance.

Her elements of Love (her 3 cornerstones or corners, and her centering line) represent how our Goddessness will allow us to create our best lives, loves, selves and alignment.

Top-left cornerstone: Be In Love — We will be in love with our life, with everything that is, with the Universe, and even with the Unknown. We will attract what is meant for us; what is aligned with us.

Bottom cornerstone: Be Love — We will be in love with ourselves. We will show up in Love, as Love, from Love; and we will consistently choose Love over Fear. We will simply BE a channel for Love.

Top-right cornerstone: Be Loved — We will be in love with our relationships, our love life, our sensuality; we will be seen and heard; and we will feel the balance and harmony of true partnership.

Centering line: Be Of Love — We will be in love and in-line with our Soul, our Higher Self, our intuition. We will feel in alignment with our path, and with the Cosmic tapestry of theUniverse.


the deepest act of self-love

Committing to your joy, your expansion, your fullest expression of Love is the deepest act of self-love, as well as the most powerful gift you can give to the world. Please be clear on that truth, beauty — growing into your fullest expression and your ability to Love is exactly why you’re here; it’s why you’re alive.

And that kind of growth requires more space to expand into. Change requires an element of discomfort. Receiving more of what we want requires that we make room for it to join us.

Logically, we know this. But often, we still let fear or various reasons-why-not ‘cock-block’ us from taking steps to create that space — because there’s a part of us that resists growth; that wants to stay small, still, comfortable, safe. And that’s totally normal; we all have those little voices that are scared of us taking these steps. All of us.

But the truth we will all find, eventually, is that we can either take those steps
— whether tentative or daring — toward our growth and expansion,
or we can stay in struggle and suffering longer, and keep feeling like
something’s missing, like we’ve lost a part of ourselves.

The good news is, it doesn’t entirely matter HOW you take those steps. But there is something important to keep in mind as you feel into how this will look for you: 

Any kind of powerful shift and transformation that you want to create in your life, creating anything worthwhile, is going to require investing heavily — and getting a little uncomfortable — in at least one of the following three elements:   Time.  Effort.  Or Money.

Again, which you choose is completely up to you, and none of them is wrong. You can’t choose wrong, love, as long as you choose in the service of your growth.

You can invest more Time — which may make the journey easier (Effort) and less expensive (Money).
Or you can invest more Effort — which can make the journey fast (Time) and less expensive (Money).
Or you can invest more Money — to make the journey faster (Time) and easier (Effort). 

For years, I thought Time or Effort were ‘easier’ to invest in —
spending longer than I should in relationships and jobs, even social situations, than I should have;
working really hard to make them work, and getting resentful and exhausted in the process;
feeling myself losing my spark, my path, and myself.

Finally, at 37 years old, after 3 failed relationships and a string of toxic jobs, I chose to invest Money — I was no longer willing to waste time and kill myself to make my dreams come true. Losing valuable time and sacrificing my happiness were no longer acceptable options.

I have invested heavily with Money in my own training and coaching because I wanted my transformation, growth and my vision to happen NOW — not 10 years from now; and because I wanted the cheat-sheet. I wanted the secrets, the keys, the insights to make it EASIER.

You get to choose where you want to invest — for me, it will always be coaching.
In my experience on both sides of the coaching dynamic — client and coach — I’ve seen nothing else make such massive impact, and so quickly. Absolutely nothing. 

If you do invest in coaching, whoever you choose to work with (and there are many to choose from),
I hope you choose to dive deep into your expansion.
If you’d like a couple of worksheets to help you work through some money blocks so you can
invest in yourself in the most powerful way, you can download those here

Teach me how to trust my heart,
my mind, my intuition, my inner knowing,
the senses of my body,
the blessings of my spirit.

Teach me to trust these things
so that I may enter my sacred space
and love beyond my fear,
and thus walk in balance
with the passing of each glorious sun.

— Lakota Prayer