-- literally, everything --
comes from love.

And as women, our deep access to all facets of Love is through our Goddessness. Through Feminine energy.

ALL of our struggle and suffering comes from being tethered to
the masculine energy that we've been raised with and surrounded by.

But remedying this is easy.

Because inside of you -- inside of each one of us -- is a Goddess who has deep access to Love, to the magic of the Universe, to the very source of our joy -- and She is simply waiting to be re-awakened.


I know because rising into my own Goddessness has shifted EVERYTHING for me.

I finally have the Love and relationship that I'd been trying to find through a failed marriage and several failed relationships.
I have a Soul-calling and career that feels more deeply aligned and satisfying than I'd ever imagined.
And I feel more centered, more connected with my intuition, and more in love with my true self than ever before.

Here's what else I know: I know that you're like me, and you were put here to LOVE.

You weren't put here to struggle. 
To suffer.
To settle for less, bang your head against the wall, feel lonely and unloved, and feel like you've lost a part of yourself.

You were put here to have deeply-loving relationships.
To radiate your true, authentic self --- and to LOVE being her.
To feel ease, abundance and joy in all parts of your life. 
To have a deep connection to your center, your Soul --- to know you're always loved, safe, and on the right path. 

All of this is your Soul's birthright.
Your archetypal Feminine birthright --- it's why you're here: to choose Love over Fear.

For yourself, for your own joy, AND for the planet.

All that is asked is that you let yourself remember who you are.

Because most of us have forgotten that we're meant to be a Goddess. 
We are caught up in today's culture of go, do, hurry, I'm-so-busy, get-shit-done, take care of myself, don't take shit, gotta keep up, gotta fit in, gotta be perfect, walls up, protect myself, mixed-messages, conflicting expectations, input overload, I'll-do-it-on-my-own version of life --- and that's NOT how it's meant to be for us, love.

It's no wonder we feel disconnected. Lost. Unfulfilled. Unsure of our 'true north.'
You feel stuck. Like you're going through the motions. Just getting by. Your life feels dim, it feels DRY.
Maybe you know that Fear is keeping you from living your brightest life, but you have no idea what to do about it, how to shift it.
You've lost touch with that gorgeous part of you that just used to SHINE, that used to feel so light and joyful.
And you're not sure why the juicy relationship and the on-purpose life you want keeps feeling just out of reach...

If you're like me, you've tried everything else -- every "magic pill" -- and you're done; you're ready to stop messing around with what doesn't work, and start creating the REAL joy and love you're craving.

I've been there.

Where it feels like you're SO CLOSE --- yet, at the same time, so far away from what you know you're capable of having.

It feels like something's MISSING, right?

That's because there IS something missing.

And it's time to bring it back and turn it on.

It's time to let yourself find your Goddess.
It's time to let yourself Be In Love.

It's time to dive back in to the flow of how you're meant to FEEL,
who you're meant to BE, how you're meant to LIVE,
and how you're meant to LOVE.



so, what does that even mean?


  • You'll learn how we've ALL been over-masculinized in this world, and how diving back into our Feminine energy not only unlocks the pathway to EVERYTHING you want in life --- but it also feels AMAZING.
  • You'll learn how to tap into this Feminine energy to create ease in your life and relationships,
  • You'll unlearn the things that have been blocking you from having the life you crave and the love you deserve,
  • You'll learn how to let go of the shit -- the stories, the old voices, the old beliefs -- that have been holding you back from shining your brightest light,
  • You'll learn the incredibly potent combination of powerful AND soft for getting all of your needs met. 

It means unleashing your MAGIC.

  • You'll unlearn the things we've been taught our whole lives which actually push our desires for Love and abundance AWAY,
  • Learn how to step into your Goddess power, LOVE every part of yourself, and receive the miracles and the magic that the Universe has in store for you. (You feel that deep in your bones, don't you? It's REAL, and it's there for you.)
  • You'll learn how to speak your truth in a way that lets others HEAR you and feel deeply connected to you, 
  • You'll learn how to undo the damage in your relationship, inspire closeness, and nourish your love into juiciness,
  • You'll learn that we're not meant to struggle, to fight, to bang our heads against the wall --- we're meant to simply LOVE.

It means getting UNSTUCK.

  • You'll learn how to stop just going with the motions, and start living the life that you're meant to live,
  • You'll learn how to find your center and how to fall madly in love with it,
  • You'll clear out the 'gunk' that's holding you back, and peel the layers that are keeping you small,
  • You'll find clarity in order to move forward powerfully,
  • You'll begin to stand fully in yourself, illuminated by your unique light, and you'll start letting yourself shine.
  • Learn how to open to the beauty of what wants to reach you --- and how to trust yourself every step of the way.

All you need to do is show up.

To show up ready to stand for your greatness. For your Goddessness inside.
And simply keep showing up -- with me standing by your side -- for yourself, for the vision that you're holding in your heart; that you're feeling down to your bones is SUPPOSED to be.

I'll be your guide into unleashing your best self, your untapped Feminine power, your Soul's path, and your ability to inspire and attract Love. 

My clients say that it feels like we're standing arm-in-arm... at the precipice of your own possibility, looking out over your own expansion, preparing to dive into your deepest joy.

Stepping powerfully away from what's behind you --- what's been holding you back, what's been hurting you, what's been pushing away what you want to bring to you.

And we dive --- deeply and unapologetically,
with power and grace and locked arms, together
--- into your greatness, your beauty, your Love.


In reality, what we'll do is --- alchemically, viscerally, from the inside-out and from the outside-in --- remind you that you ARE Love. 

That you are a Goddess. 

That everything --- EVERYTHING you want is available for you --- and help you get it.


I'm here to get your Goddess on. 

I'm here to help you Be In Love.


Here's how we work together... 

Coaching + Photography

You're at a precipice.
Where standing still or going back means discomfort and pain.
And where diving in -- taking the leap toward what you want, what you KNOW is meant for you -- might feel scary, but you know is where your happiness is waiting for you.

That's where I come in.
You and I will dive into your love and life and Goddessness TOGETHER, arm in arm --- so it's not so scary. So you're never alone.

I'll be here --- to hold space for you, guide you, and create the container for you to expand, to grow, to powerfully shift into the Goddess you're meant to be; to start vibrating with and inviting in the kind of love and relationships, the kind of abundance and flow, and the kind of life and joy that will fulfill you; that will help you Be In Love.

I'll give you my tried, true and tested tools, philosophies, exercises, mindset-shifts and practices to help you transform your life, in-power your mindset, shift your vibe, and become a magnet for everything you desire.

BE IN LOVE means having the Love, the life, and the connection to your truest self that you've always ached for...

...And this is how you get there:


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