Mystic in the Making bundle {Affiliate special}

Mystic in the Making bundle {Affiliate special}

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Special Mystic in the Making bundle!

The Mystic in the Making bundle includes the following:

  • The Mystic Jumpstart intro bundle:

    • A Transmission:
      Understand the Archetypal Energies and how they affect your ability to hear, believe and Trust your Intuition, your access to your Channel, and your ability to connect with the Invisible Realms.

    • A Training:
      If you want to HEAR your Intuition clearly — you have to create the energetic environment and conditions in order to do so. This is how you do just that.

    • A Guided Practice:
      A Morning Practice exercise to open your body and your Crown Chakra — create the physical readiness to hear your Soul, your Guides, your inner wisdom.

    • A Shamanic Journey:
      Kickstart your communications with your Cosmic Team. Take this magical Shamanic Journey to help you retrieve a message that your Soul has been waiting for you to hear.

  • Connect with Your Soul {meditation}

  • You’re Bigger Than Even This {meditation}