Love Coaching


You have to be a student first before you can teach. 
And, oh, have I ever been a student.... 

I was in a relationship for 12 years, starting at age 19. 
I've been married. 
I've been cheated on relentlessly by a husband I had trusted -- before and after the wedding. 
I've shut down, closed up, built walls, become enclosed in impenetrable ice trying to salvage what should never have been salvaged. 
I've been reborn.
I've re-discovered ME. I've come back to my center, my self, and fallen back in love with who I am. 
I've come back out of the depths, dusted myself off, with a heart WIDE open -- ready to love again and again, bigger and better, with more vulnerability, compassion, and knowledge of who I am (and who they are). 
I've loved and been loved. 
I've had my soul saved, and have helped save others. 
I've let go in order to love. 
I've loved in order to let go. 
I continue to discover ME. I continue to come back to my center, my self, and fall in love with who I am (because this isn't a one-time thing, y'know). 
I've learned. 
And I've learned to be okay with not knowing. 
I've opened myself, my heart, my soul to a man who is worth all of them, and who -- perhaps because of this -- continues to meet me with every new opening. 
I've started to strip myself naked of the self-protective bullshit in order to love with abandon; with my whole body, soul, and heart. 
I've chosen LOVE over fear. 
And I've chosen to become a student of Love. An ambassador of Love. A messenger of Love. 

As I continue to explore more and more, I want to share with others. 

I want to TEACH others -- even as I continue to learn -- so that they can choose Love; and inspire others to choose Love; and spread the ripple effect of that radiant energy far into even the darkest reaches. 


So, I'm going to. 
And I'd love for you to join me. 

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