Sitting in intention


Hi, I'm Heather --- I am a recent Corporate America drop-out (or, rather, it dropped me): I got laid off last week, and I honestly could NOT be happier about it. 

I was so unhappy, not really enjoying anything about my 40+ hour work-week besides the paycheck and benefits. 

I have been doing Photography on the side -- weekend warrior, yo, woop!! -- for about 4 years, teaching myself as I went (sometimes frustratingly slowly, hitting walls and plateaus and not having enough time or energy to really dive in to overcome them). 
And, also last week -- actually, the day after I was laid off -- I was all set to start out on a new venture: becoming certified as a Women's / Love Coach. 

So now -- jobless, and waiting to hear about my unemployment benefits -- I sit with a head, heart and soul FULLLLLLLL of ideas, inspirations, new information, and vision. 
And terror. 
Sheer and utter terrorrrrrrr. 

Someone asked me today what I want. 
So, what do I want? 

I want to learn, learn, learn. Improve, improve, improve. 

I want to make sense of all the spinning thoughts in my head and the (not)disparate ideas which I KNOW are interwoven, related to one another, and feel in my SOUL are going to be an incredible, beautiful tapestry of meaning and purpose --- bridging photography and love coaching. 

I want to focus, have a plan, so that I can HUSTLE and be a total badass. 

I want to find a way to make this all work -- the income, the joy, the fulfillment, the family! -- without working 60+ hours a week. 

I want to help women come back to their centers, their core, to sit in their femininity, to radiate love and to bring in love --- both self- and relationship. 

I want to attract photography and coaching clients who are PERFECT for me --- women and couples who want more in life, who want the beauty in life, who want to give and share love, who want to dive deep, who want to explore, who want to get quiet, who want to shine loud with radiance, who want to let their hearts pound out of their chests and into the world, who want to foster LOVE with every breath --- or who at least want to take the steps to try to.


So, that's what I want. 

Who's with me??
And what do YOU want?

Heather AllisonComment