Love is core // Core is love

What better day than today to share this little nugget -- and to tease a little bit about something else I'm working on... Love Day! 

Read that image above however you like, however it shows up to you, and it's absolutely right:
Love is Core.
Core is Love.
Love is Love.
Core is Core. 

Here's the background...
I have one of those note-taking apps on my iPad that let you scribble your own notes and journal-entries in your own handwriting. (It's AWEsome.)
About a year ago, I was going back through some earlier writing I had done in there, and stumbled upon something that struck me, and --- now that I'm embarking on this new adventure --- strikes me as even more meaningful now. 

Perhaps a bread-crumb, hinting at what was to come? Maybe. :)

It was something I had written about a year earlier -- and I couldn't immediately tell, without the rest of the context, if it said "Love" or "Core."
And I freaking LOVED that. 

Because what are we at our cores if we aren't love? 
What is love if it's not from our core? 
And isn't Love, well, LOVE -- in other words, the absence of fear?
And isn't it also completely undefinable, and not needing of definition?
And isn't it indiscriminate? 
And aren't our cores, our selves, our inner work and connection with our souls absolutely paramount? Aren't they crucial to everything that we'd want in this life: love, happiness, fulfillment, peace?

Love is Core. 
Core is Love. 

Can't wait to share where this is going next... :) 

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