Loving YOU


Yesterday -- Valentine's Day -- is a beautiful day for slathering love all over your special someone. 
It may be a Hallmark holiday, but it's still a wonderful reminder to simply focus on your partner and make the effort to gush love -- especially if you've gotten sidetracked a bit by daily life. 

But, while it's important to shower affection, attention, and energy on our loved ones EVERY day of the year --- it's equally (if not MORE) important for us to shower affection, attention, and energy on ourSELVES. 
Every. Day. 

You're going to hear that from me a lot, actually --- loving yourself. 

But how? 

It's about consciously and intentionally loving on yourself; wooing yourself; romancing yourself. 
Hell, flirt with yourself in the mirror --- "Hey, good lookin'... How YOU doin'..." 

Here's what that looked like for me: 

Yesterday was about my partner...
My boyfriend and I spoiled each other with all kinds of good-lovin': 
He brought me home a gorgeous bouquet of tulips and hyacinth, and a rainbow of drool-worthy macarons (my faaaaaaaavorite). 
We walked a 2-mile circuit, hand-in-hand to the store for some fresh ingredients for dinner, then made a new recipe together. 
Over dinner, we took turns answering the first set of questions in the 36 questions which, according to a modern study, lead to falling in love.
Then we cuddled up on the couch, ate way too many macarons (and chocolate-dipped-bacon --- did I forget to mention the chocolate-dipped-bacon??!), and watched a movie. 

But TODAY --- the day after the day of hearts and flowers and chocolate --- was about me.
And I started with some gloriously soul-filling self-love:

I slept in. 
I rolled around in the sheets with my man.
I made a version of shakshuka --- tomato sauce, eggs, and chorizo --- for us for breakfast. 
I turned on some of my favorite soothing-yet-energizing tunes. 
Then I lay down in the most delicious patch of sunshine on my favoritest, favoritest West Elm rug; sipped a perfectly-made cup of coffee (thanks, boyfriend :) ), and devoured a Kinfolk issue I hadn't yet read. 
For like 2 hours. 


And now I'm going to head outside for a walk in the sunshine. :)

How are you going to romance yourself this week? 

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