It's YOUR Ocean


Know what's sexy?
And "in-powering" (*I like this better than "empowering," which seems to have lost ITS power as a word)?
And magnetic, and joy-filling, and radiance-generating, and confidence-creating? 

Having a full life.

What does that mean exactly?

It doesn't mean going to all the parties, staying up on the latest literature, having the most friends, having a jam-packed schedule, or even having a vast array talents to brag about to strangers.

Unless, of course, that's what fills you with joy. 

It's part of what I call my "Mermaid Maxim" -- which I will talk more about another time, and into which I'll go into deeply if we work together -- and it's about filling your life with things you love, surrounding yourself with an abundance of beauty and joy, saturating your time and your senses with things that feel GOOD, and reveling in your own ocean. 

  • Maybe you spend 3 hours every Sunday at your favorite cafe down the street, reading a delicious book. 
  • Maybe you volunteer or crochet scarves for the needy. 
  • Maybe you take piano lessons.
  • Maybe you set time aside every week to make beautiful paintings, even if it's just for yourself.
  • Maybe you take a luxurious bath every single night, or garden every morning. 
  • Maybe you make a gorgeous breakfast every morning -- replete with a flower vase and your finest silver -- just for you. 
  • Maybe you have a weekly get-together with your best girlfriends over some kind of decadent pie. 
  • Maybe you make dinner with your grandmother every Friday.  
  • Maybe you stroll outside with your partner at sunset every night -- no matter the weather nor time of year.
  • Maybe you have a sachet of your favorite scent in your purse, and you take 2 minutes every day to simply stop, close your eyes, and inhale.
  • Maybe you buy yourself a decadent truffle every afternoon, and savor it by yourself, slowly, while you sit in the park. 

Maybe you do ALL of those. 
Maybe just one regularly. 

For me, I treat myself to DEEEELISH-smelling candles whenever I find them (I just found a new one in the scent of Tobacco-Bark -- SO GOOD), and I light them with abandon.
I don't "save them for guests or a special occasion" -- because I know I'm special enough to enjoy them every day, dammit. 

I also indulge my other senses in ways that fill my soul with sunshine and make my heart feel expansive and light:

  • I buy every single Kinfolk magazine, and typically pore over it on a Sunday morning, laying on my belly -- like a little kid -- on my favorite rug, in the sunshine, drinking a cappuccino from my favorite mug, and letting my eyes and soul feast on the pages.
  • I have more beautifully-photographed, mouth-watering cookbooks than I could possibly get through, even if I cooked a new meal every single day of the year --- because they 'feed me' in more ways than one.
  • When my soul needs to feel "summer," I crank the heat*, open a window, and blast one of my favorite bands from the speakers --- typically Washed Out, Band of Horses, Father John Misty or other similar band that lights me up from within.
    (*Don't tell my boyfriend that -- he always says I have the heat up too high. ;) )

It doesn't matter what it looks like, or how big or how small -- a full life will come in as many flavors as their are people in the world.

But having a full life means you are taking responsibility for filling your Own life
- and your own self -
with things that bring you joy. 
all the time.  

What does that look like for you lovely Mermaids? 

Reply here or message me and let me know what YOU do to live fully in your ocean. :)

And if you can't think of anything that you do now --- can you come up with even 2 little things you can start doing this week?

I'd love to hear about them!