The sadness + the ecstasy

Omg, watch this video...

I'm going to talk a lot about sitting in two conflicting emotions at once -- I talked about it here in one of my first Be In Love blog posts.
I'll probably talk about it a lot because it's harrrrrrrd. 
It takes practice.

But it's absolutely something every. single. one of us can do. 

Y'know, when you've cried (or felt like crying) because you're so happy, or because something is so beautiful? It's that. 

It feels HUGE. 
It feels wayyyyy bigger than us. 
Well it is -- because it's in those moments when you're allowing yourself to feel things that are bigger than you; that are expansive. 

[Nerd warning.] Do you remember the scene in Guardians of the Galaxy when Star Lord (shout out to my fellow #12, Chris Pratt!! ;) ) grabbed onto that thing --- the Power Infinity Stone --- and then his Guardians buddies grabbed onto him, sharing the load of the power? 
Remember how it was super-intense when they first grabbed on, but then it kind of just... flowed through them? Making them bigger and more powerful?

It's kinda like that -- when you can hold onto and make space for more and more emotions all at once, more and more of YOU, you get big.
You get powerful.
And awesome blue light comes out of your face. 

Just kidding... 

But, seriously, I believe this ---
the capacity we all have to simultaneously hold joy and sadness; to feel incredible happiness and ineffable melancholy all at the same time; to bear beauty and pain in the same moment --- that is the source of our expansion. 

It is in holding onto both of these all at once that we are given a glimpse of our own divinity, that we feel seated with our soul, that we touch the invisible threads that connect us, undeniably, with each other, our planet, our universe. 

[I don't know about you, but I feel bigger even just IMAGINING sitting in that space, in those concurrent feelings.]

And that's also when we feel LOVE.

LOVE is that -- the source of our expansion, the thread that connects us, the expression of our divinity.

And, in my opinion -- and Jason Silva's, as he explains in his video below -- hell YES, that's something you run towards, dive into with abandon, and hold onto with all you've got. Watch... 

...and then watch the Guardians clip farther below. ;)

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