How to have the 'juicy'

I'd love to have you leave a comment here and tell me how you feel after reading this... Let me know your thoughts, what you think it is that might be blocking you from having the juicy, fulfilling, connected love and relationship? What stands out for you? 



You hear me keep talking about "juicy love" --- getting juicy, having a juicy love and relationship --- what does that actually look like

I love that word, "juicy" --- I probably overuse it a bit, but it's so RIPE with meaning.

Let's look at what juice is like... 

It's sweet
It's nourishing
It's full of things that support and fulfill you, that encourage healthy growth
It's refreshing
It's satisfying
It's a treat
It's clean and light, it feels carefree
It is the very essence of a thing, the core of it
It brings a smile (I mean, who doesn't love juice?!) 

And it just TASTES GOOD, dangit

And the thing is, we can have all of this JUICE in our love, in our relationships. 

Love can be sweet, it can nourish and nurture us, it can support and fulfill us, and encourage our best selves. 

Our relationships can be refreshing, satisfying, light and carefree.

They can lift us up and be a source of joy and growth.

They can just truly be a treat. 


So how do you even have that? 

We all have 'stuff.' 
We all have these patterns and histories, these stories we tell ourselves or systems we have in place to protect ourselves. 

And we don't realize that these very things -- these patterns, stories, this past training -- this 'stuff' we have that we think is protecting us from getting hurt, is actually what is blocking us from inviting in love. 

We build up this scar tissue and these coping mechanisms that keep us unconsciously pushing away love ---- even when we wholeheartedly want to bring it close. 

And we don't even know we do it. 

We go about our lives feeling like we're just doing our thang; feeling like we're doing everything we can to be open to love; feeling like the way dating and relationships are done is just the way it's done --- and then we keep finding ourselves repeating the same ol' results, hitting our heads on the same brick wall

Maybe he's suddenly stopped calling or showing up, and we have no idea why. 
Maybe we're frustrated that he doesn't seem to want to move the relationship forward. 
Maybe we find love, but it just doesn't seem to fill us. 
Maybe we love our guy or our husband, but the relationship starts feeling stale or stifled, or just unconnected. 

Maybe we keep finding love, but it doesn't stick, and we're not sure why.
Maybe we're just ready to find love, and we have no idea where to start, or how to open ourselves up. 
Maybe even the thought of opening up to love just scares the shit out of us.


And I've come back from them, stronger and better and more and more open. 
And I've created a life, a love and a relationship that is JUICY. 

And I'm so freaking grateful to the things that I've learned and practiced and explored that have gotten me here --- and that continue to help me expand, open, get deeper, love more juicily. 


It's a super-juicy 2-month program in which I help women -- like the old me! -- shed the stuff that's blocking them from having or keeping a love and life that feels fulfilling, supportive, connected, joyful, and just delicious. 

And guide and support them as they replace those blocks with things that help them feel loved and 'met' in ways they haven't before.

It's a program to inspire, ignite and invite in the juicy love you've always wanted. 

Together, over the course of two months, we'll shift you into your Goddessness, ignite your love-vibe, and build the foundation for creating and attracting the juicy, fulfilling and authentic love and relationship you've always craved. 

The best part is --- you'll be opening to love in a way that feels powerful, safe... even easy. 

I didn't say there wouldn't be any work --- I will need your willingness to show up, to explore, to give something new a try, to commit to creating your best love and life. 

It takes effort.... but it can be easy. 


Will you share with me what you feel are your roadblocks? 
What did you feel when you read all about juiciness and fulfilling love? 

I won't ever share your story -- unless I have your written permission -- but I'd love to hear what comes up for you, so I can help speak to the 'theme' of your needs.