We're not buying humility today


"We're not buying humility today."

I said that to one of my clients yesterday --- and it was hard for her to hear. We're so used to playing small to make others feel comfortable, to avoid offense, to keep from making waves. 

But what if we let ourselves shine?

What if we REVEL in who we are, in what makes us different, in what makes us AMAZING? 
What if we, by letting ourselves shine, gave other people permission to shine in THEIR gifts and their awesomeness?

I'm not talking about conceit. Not about braggadocio. Not about rubbing anything in anyone's faces. 

It's a pity that's where our minds go the second that we start to think about letting ourselves walk in our power.

There's a place there in the middle -- between pushing out, and pulling in to be small -- where we're at rest in our brilliance, where we're simply sitting in our radiance, where we're at peace in our perfection. 


Heather AllisonComment