Will you get him back?

I was asked the other day to put some odds or a guarantee on 'getting him back' through this coaching process....

It's natural to want to know this --- it's part of our desire to know what we're getting into, control outcomes, and protect ourselves from having to open up or dig deep or get hurt... 

Without getting into how impossible it is to know ANY outcome, truly, let's focus on the fact that it's all perfectly understandable, we want to know: 

Can we really believe that, if we do this work, it will be the magic arrow that will get a guy to come back? 



Let me tell you a couple of stories to explain... 

First, I have one client who saved her it-must-be-over marriage, and turned it completely around; a total 180. 

He had moved out, was taking the steps to start a life on his own, and the prospects of saving the relationship were looking very bleak. 

Through our coaching, she not only had the kind of a-ha moments and epiphanies that shed light on the patterns that had contributed to their painful past and current situation, she shifted so powerfully, so beautifully, and so softly (yes, power and softness are MAGICAL together :) ) that the entire energy-system between them began to shift. 

She was able to communicate to him in a way he could finally hear her. 

She was able to begin looking at the relationship, at him, AND at herself, in such a new light that she was able to find the ways in which she could start to fill their cracks and holes with the things that would fortify them --- not continue them down this helpless and exhausting spiral. 


He started, with her example and her new love-language, to rise up to meet her and fill her in ways he hadn't before. 
He stopped seeing the years of damage between them, and he started seeing HER. 

There's still work to do for them, but I can't tell you how gorgeous it is to see her and them blossom in a way they never had. 



Before I met my man, I dated someone I thought had great potential to be 'something.' 

He was intelligent, outgoing, active, and we had a lot in common. 
And he listened to me -- and seemed genuinely enthralled with my heart, my soul, who I am. 

But he was one of those hot-and-cold guys. 
Super charming, and came on strong --- and then would disappear, leaving me wondering, "what the...?"

Of course he'd come back, just as strongly, saying all the right things, and I'd be right back in --- but I always felt uneasy. 

This was around the time when I found this work, this process, and I started practicing it. 


I was more magnetic, more centered, more sure of myself, more open. 

And he showed up again, a little stronger. 

But, by then, I had also benefitted from one of the other results of this coaching: the awareness of how I was truly feeling, the ability to know my boundaries and what felt good (and didn't feel good), and the language to communicate all of that in a way that both kept me open AND standing firmly in my own power. 

Holy crap, it was epic. 

I communicated, using my new tools, that this simply didn't feel good anymore, that I didn't want to feel that way, and that I needed to walk away. 

Not only did it allow him to really hear me, what my heart was saying, and allow me the ability to cut ties without shutting down my light, it opened me up to meeting (and being able to see!) a man who fills my heart, soul and life with joy today. 


So, will it help you "get him back"?

Yes and no.

This work is powerful, I'd say almost magical, and it is your very best shot at "getting him back."

It just may not be the "him" you expect --- but it will be the RIGHT "him."

What does that bring up for you?
Does that feel hopeful, or stressful?

I hope it's hopeful -- that's how I want you to feel!
But either way --- whether you feel hopeful, and want to know how to put all of this into practice... or if this triggers you a bit, and you feel stressed, and want to know how you can start letting your Goddessness work for you and take the stress OUT of this --- let me know how I can help!