Angels around every corner


Last week, I told you how I was saved by an Angel I met at a punk festival... and how another Angel reminded me to stop playing small, to stop hiding the work that I do behind a “normal” description.

They really do — they exist.

And they come into our lives in ways, times and situations we might never expect —
— with the sole (SOUL) purpose of
nudging and helping you back onto your path.

They come as reminders, as mirrors, as teachers, as messengers, and as affirmers.

In this beautiful, complex, magical Cosmic Tapestry of life — with the infinite interweaving threads of lives, of possibilities, of events — they are the Universe's way of designing its most perfect masterpiece.

And the most gorgeous thing about it is that, in some way, even if we never know it, we are an Angel for them, as well.
Or for someone next to them.

We won't often know how and when we are going to BE, for someone else, the kind of impactful, important and life-altering Angel I met at that punk festival.

But we can FIND our own Angels if we just choose to look for them.
That's so magical, isn't it?

They're everywhere for us, in every moment, whenever we ask for one — if we choose to look.

In every moment.
In every interaction.

If we listen close enough — we are being given reminders, mirrors, teachers, messengers, and affirmers to help us along our Soul-aligned path.

It is my mission to BE that Angel to as many women as I can.

To help us change the current wounded-Masculine paradigm that is CLEARLY not working anymore, for any of us — let alone for the planet.

To help us awaken and remember the beauty,
the Love, the magic and the power we have as women,
to access this deep in our cells, in our bodies;

It's less about learning something new, and more about FEELING and igniting that which we already have within us:

the ancient archetype of the Goddess; our birthright as the co-creators of our world, our relationships, of a life that IS LOVE.

That's why I'm doing this — that's why I've created Goddess Army.

And I know that's why you found me — because you felt, somewhere inside of you, that you were meant for more;
that you were meant to reclaim this power that has started to stir within you;
that you were meant to Rise into your own version of Goddessness.

If that feels true, if that's starting to vibrate with some kind of recognition and Knowing deep in your belly, or your heart, your throat, your crown, your womb — if your body is buzzing with the Goddessness that is asking to be rebirthed —

Come talk to me. Let me share with you what it could feel like and look like, and see what we can create together...

PS - There's still an early-bird rate available for any Goddess who feels called to claim her spot in Goddess Army before 9/10.

If I can be this Angel for you — this Goddess Angel — I will be so honored...

Reply to this post, or apply for Goddess Army here.

So much love for you here,