Are you holding back?

Do you Trust fully?


Or are you holding a little bit back?

Just in case?

Does your Surrender to what you're meant for,

to what the Universe wants to provide to you,

to what your Soul is calling you to step into,

to what you're being asked to experience or feel or Open to

...come with a caveat?

"Yes, I Trust, but only if..."

"Yes, I'm all in, except when..."

"Yes, I Surrender to my Soul, as long as..."

"Yes, I'm ready for this, except if it means..."

That piece you're holding back?

That's Control.

That's Distrust.

That's the primary energy of the Wounded Masculine.

And it's one of the primary reasons you don't feel fulfilled.

The reason it still feels hard.

The reason you feel like you can't hear your Intuition.

The reason you still ache for More...

...more depth, more connection, more Abundance, more Success, more joy, more alignment, more Freedom.

In my experience, no matter how much we think we Trust, how much we think we're In, how much we think we're ready,

there's almost always always always some aspect of us holding back, staying at arm's length, holding its breath.

What if you could exhale finally?

What if it could all open up and finally feel clear?

What if you could finally break free of what's holding YOU back ---

--- by releasing what YOU'RE holding back?

#GoldenGoddess — with Jessica Larson.