The second time already this year I'm going through an energetic upgrade that has me on my ass...

You can look at it as just a cold/flu, and view only its physical symptoms and sources...

Or you can see it the way I do --- an upgrade sickness (or what some call "ascension flu") because of the 'coincidental' energetic and intuitive things coming through at the same time...

I believe as the Shamans believe: which is that any illness, while physical in manifestation, always has a spiritual cause...

Either way...
...I'm sick.

Again. :\ 

And, before this year, I hadn't been sick in at LEAST 2 years... so I'm SUPER annoyed. 


Last time I was sick, I was in Venice Beach for a couple of photo shoots --- and, mid-illness-intensity, had THE MOST profound past life memory I've ever had.

I don't have many of those --- I've spent most of my existence in the aether, in the space of lives-between-lives, as a guiding Soul rather than an incarnate one...

...but this one was potent. And ancient. And racked me with grief that was asking to be released.

In sharing it with a #WooCrew girlfriend, she reflected to me that the very first time she had a past-life memory, she was also suddenly stricken with a "flu."


This time --- this "flu" seems to coincide with the 'onboarding' of a new member of my Team.

Well... she's not "new" --- judging from my last interaction with her, she's been here the whole time and it's just apparently time for me to figure out how to connect with her. 
{she was rather annoyed with how long it's taken me. lol  😬 }

And so, while it's not fun --- and I've had to clear out my schedule and reschedule my calls for the next day or two --- 

--- I know that it's no coincidence that I'm experiencing an "upgrading" the second I stepped into the first day of April... the month of the first wave of the new Quantum Leap Mastermind: Golden Goddess.

I always knew this particular journey would ask me to evolve and expand in ways I hadn't before...

I have a feeling this is going to be pretty epic, in ways I'm not even aware of yet... 😳

--- Cosmic PSA: This is important:

Your guides / Cosmic Team will NEVER force you into anything, nor act against your Free Will. 
(This 'new' guide won't either, and that's why she's getting so tired of waiting for me, apparently haha ;) )

If there's anyone / anything pushing THEIR agenda without your consent, it's not a guide in service of your Soul's Mission. YOU always have Choice.

This is always why I ALWAYS teach my clients how to connect and learn how to dialogue with their Souls FIRST, before connecting to their Teams. ---



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