Do you see Color Energy??


I'm getting more and more and more "color frequency" information lately. Like, where I'll see / sense / feel a certain color on a certain day — you've probably seen me post about that in here before.

I haven't tapped in with my Cosmic Team to understand what each color means {that's next},

but it's SO fascinating to me.

This week has been MASSIVELY Activating, energetically, and the last 72 hours have especially been a doozy — even meeting new guides in my dreams, and being dropped instantly into a Shamanic Journey with them the next morning in meditation.

And I've seen color frequencies EVERY DAY for the past 3 days:

Wednesday, it was a kind of mauve-y pink... not dusty and light, but rather a kind of rich mauve-y pink... Yesterday, was a super interesting "palette" of what I can only describe as apricot / ochre / gold / tan...

And today — I just got the clearest vision of this clear, refreshing... maybe it's a "light, light, light, translucent cyan"?

I'm excited to understand more about what these colors mean —

—as I'm hearing right now,
it's something around the energies
"most available for us to work with" that day.

I'll post about them sometimes, when I receive them (it isn’t every day. Here’s a picture of what the energy felt like / looked like today —

What energy / energies do you feel
when you let yourself "feel" this image?

How could you incorporate that energy into your day?


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