Should you "dumb down" your marketing?

Want to know why I NEVER subscribed to the idea that we should "dumb down"
our messaging, our content, our marketing —

— to be palatable and to speak to "where are clients are"?

Because it's a deep fucking disservice to the women I'm here to serve.

Because women are fucking POWERFUL,
this wisdom is in their BONES,
and they all deserve to Know that again.

They're all MEANT to Know that again.
To Know their Power.
To Know the Mysteries.
To Know their access to the energies and the whispers of the Universe.

I'm not talking to the part of the women in my audience that's been conditioned by this Wounded world, for centuries, to Forget who she is.

I'm talking to the deeper part of them who Remembers.

I'm talking to the deeper part of them who's ready to Come Home.

Come Home.