current mood: salty, muddy, stormy

I'm tired.
Like, existential, bone, heart Tired.

Things are changing over here,
in what seems to be MOST parts of my life,
and I'm right in the middle of that birth canal, that Void, that liminal space where everything is in question.

I have a book project,
an Oracle Cards project,
and a {super new, not yet talked about, major} project that has me reeeeeeeally fucking stretching out of my comfort zone, in more ways than one.

I have relationships coming up for review, repair, realignment in my personal and professional life.

I have conversations that have to be had,
and which terrify me,
but it's time.

I have a move and remodel pending.

I have hormone issues trying to be worked out,
I have a minor surgery scheduled,

and I have my cycle --- again --- 24 days after starting the last one (this, after having had only quarterly, Seasonal cycles for over a year, because: hormones).

I had the full moon in my sign this week. 😩

I'm tired.

And I have a 3-day weddingstravaganza this weekend,
and people staying at my house tomorrow,

and all I want to do is run off and hide in a small house by the water surrounded by trees,
with nothing but my cat and my crystals,
and probably 80 books and 4 notebooks.

So I canceled my hair appointment today,
I offered up my seat at an event tonight (although I may still have to go),

and I'm probably going to spend the next 2 hours meditating on my mat, or with my forehead on the floor in Child's Pose ---

--- with my cat and my crystals and a book and a notebook --- and hit the Reset button.

Nothing nothing nothing calls me back to center like my Team does; like remembering to let myself be guided, FULLY, by my Soul.

She's the only way to find footing in the Void.

She IS the footing in the Void.

And the storms are ALWAYS FOR ME.



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Heather Allison is a Goddess Coach, Divine Feminine Channel and an accidental Cosmic Shaman. She was plucked out of a 'almost life' by what she calls her Cosmic Team to help women Awaken the Goddess Within and find the Love, Soul, Pleasure and Purpose they're meant for.

As a Feminine energy coach, love coach, life coach, soul coach, teacher, photographer, author and the founder of Goddess Army --- the women's journey of Awakening and Remembering our Divine Feminine magic --- she works with coaches, healers, light workers and all soulful women who know they're meant for MORE. Her passion is helping women awaken and embody their Inner Goddess archetype, and shift out of the paradigm of suffering and struggle, to find their Mythic Love and Life. Based in Seattle, she works with goddess worldwide.