Do you believe?

Do you believe you have a Soul Purpose that's meant to light your way in this life?

If you're not sure, or you're not sure how to find it, do you want to?

Do you believe it gets to be easier than it currently is?

If you're not sure, do you want to?

Do you believe there's a way out from under the heaviness and stuckness that's been holding you down, holding you back, keeping you from having the life, the Love, the Success, the FREEDOM and the joy you're meant for?

If you're not sure, do you want to?

Do you Know, somewhere unexplainable within you, that you're built for More?

The women who joined Golden Goddess this year were dealing with a string of broken hearts,
PTSD from years of trauma,

wanting things they weren't sure were meant for them,

deep business and life overwhelm that was causing them to shut down,
struggle in their businesses, even though they KNEW it's what they're meant to be doing,

a fear of tapping into or opening to their intuition,
uncertainty about whether that was even possible for them,

conflict and disconnect in their loving relationships,
a couple were rebuilding from toxic relationships,

and a couple just wanted to go deeper into this work that they'd started in Goddess Army.

And all of them --- literally all of them --- have found a deep connection with their Souls and what they're really here for,

they Know exactly what it feels like when they're in Archetypal alignment
(and what it feels like when they're not);

they have deep tools, and access to guided Shamanic Journeys forever, to help them come back to Center,
back to their Power,
when they find themselves slipping out;

--- and they've gotten to feel how different it feels when they allow themselves to be guided by the part of them that Knows EXACTLY what's meant for them,
and EXACTLY how to step into it.

They've found more of themselves,

more of their Power,

more of their magic,

more of their ability to LOVE themselves,
to Know themselves,
to Know the voice that is capable of guiding them into their best life,

more of their ability to HEAL,
more of their ability to Receive what's actually meant for them.

I have half of our seats filled,
and half of the seats are still waiting for the women who are ready to change their lives --- literally forever.

You will Know who you are.
And I'm calling you in... into your next level.

You won't look back after this work.

There won't be any need to.

Because the foundation for everything you're doing, Choosing, stepping into and Receiving,
for the rest of your life,
will be different.

And when our Foundation changes,
when it becomes the very energy pattern that exists in the Universe itself,
everything changes.

We BECOME the embodiment of the Universal energy of Creation, of Light, of Love, of Truth.

We begin to Create WITH the Universe,
stepping into the Path our Soul designed for us.

And we never need to look back.

"When I say this is by far the most important work that I have done in my life, I am not exaggerating."

"I used to live constantly holding onto the riverbed for dear life --- and now I've gotten to let go, go out into the middle of the river, and float along instead."

"I've found an essential, deep, magical part of myself through Golden Goddess.
I had never realized how much I'd been cut off from it."

"I have found a new love for myself that I never knew existed...ever. I can truly say that I love myself and mean it."

"I realized that there's an infinite, endless mine of Gold available to us. All of us have it.
And I've gotten to reconnect to that endless mine of Gold within me."

"This has been LIFE CHANGING! I feel like I’m safe in saying, you helped saved my life Heather."

Message me.

There's no obligation to join us.

But there might just be an Activation waiting for you here.