Why you should never wait until you’re “ready”


You Goddesspreneurs — did you know you don't have to wait until you're "ready" to launch?

To start offering your work?
To start booking out your group program?

I opened the gates to the very first Golden Goddess before I even knew what was going to be included in the journey.
I just knew it was going to be #NextLevel — like Goddess Army on steroids — because I was being shown that by my Cosmic Team.

Six women joined me before I even had any idea of what we'd cover in the course.

I booked out the very first Goddess Army (back when that was a live / personally guided course) before I had all the content written.
I had a general idea of where I was going to take my clients, but I only had notes written for the first 3 modules. I created the rest as I went.

I launched Tempt Me: Activate Your Masculine Lover before I'd finished it. ;)
Then someone bought it, and I was like, "Welp! Best finish these modules!"

and it has turned out to be
one of the most potent mini-courses i’ve created,
and has legit already saved relationships.

Me freaking out about it being "perfect," being done, or being ready; me feeling like I HAVE to have it all figured out before I go;
me NOT TRUSTING that all of that is in Divine Timing — and that if I'm being guided, if my Soul is saying GO, if my Cosmic Team is showing me my steps forward —

would just be me NOT ALLOWING
the Universe / my Soul to create
what is meant to be created.

I'm a thousand, million percent certain this is why my business grew as fast as it did, with literally ZERO experience building a business. I don't question my guidance. I don't question my Soul.

I mean, I question Her all the time — because #toddler 🤣 — but ultimately, I've built this business and the Soulful Success I've had, by hearing Her,
maybe throwing a little Human Tantrum for a minute, and then plugging my nose, holding my breath, and jumping the fuck in.

Stop waiting
until you're "ready."

If you're waiting for "Ready" then you're not actually working in the Quantum Field;
you're not actually working with Creative Energy; you're NOT actually Manifesting.

And if you want to get to know your Soul, hear Her voice, meet your Cosmic Team of Guides, and learn how to step into your Path and your Power without so much FEAR, because you have Guides and Guardians at your side...

...come play with us in Cosmic Shaman.

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{am I ready for that? Not really.
Because Cosmic Shaman is getting an #upgrade this year, and I haven't created anything for the launch yet

— but this is what I heard from my Team yesterday, so... we go. ;) }


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Heather Allison is an Energy Repatterning + Destiny Activation Coach for women.
Diving into ANY of her courses will allow you to shift out the Wounded energetics and patterns that are keeping you stuck — and help you step into deep Love and Sensuality, Soulful Success and Abundance, your Intuitive and Mystical abilities, the Joy and Freedom you were actually BUILT FOR.
Your ability to Manifest your Destiny lies in the Feminine Power within you. It's time to wake Her up.

Nothing else out there is like this work --- and nothing else creates the whole-life,
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"When I say this is the most important work that I've ever done in my life, I'm not exaggerating.
I feel like I was walking around in a fog, and now I've turned the lights on in every part of my life.
This has been LIFE CHANGING!"
— Jaime M.

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