Is it Expensive? Or is it EXPANSIVE?


✨ This came up during my mindset practice + meditation this morning... ✨

Where in your life can you get out of your own way re: your money story? 

(Btw --- did you know we ALL have a money story? Most of us never even THINK about this, but it can be SUCH a huge detractor from you achieving what you want in your life.... I do a mindset and meditation practice most mornings, partially around my own money story, and it has made amaaaaaaaaaazing things happen for me.)

✨ Where can you start to look at things that you've been viewing as "expensive," and start viewing them instead as EXPANSIVE?✨

Not everything fits this bill, obviously --- I'm pretty sure that the $450 candle I saw the other day is actually just expensive... (Is it a MAGIC candle?? Does a genie appear??)

But when it's going to broaden your mind, your horizons, or your ability to receive...
When it has the potential to increase your joy, your love, your abundance...
When it can rocket you forward, through the crap that's holding you back, into the life and love you can almost TASTE it's so close, yet feels so far away... 

Those things, whatever they are --- hiring a coach, seeing a counselor, buying that plane ticket, taking those classes --- are E X P A N S I V E. 

If "expensive" keeps showing up in your vocabulary around this, flip that E into an A and remind yourself that every dollar spent on your own Soul is a vote for your joy.

Heather AllisonComment