Gold in the Void {Card Reading}

Goddess, the Void is here to serve you.

Yes, in the Void, we aren't quite sure up from down, left from right.

We feel at a stand-still, stopped in motion, with a burning desire to keep moving, to make things happen, to take steps forward.

And the Void meets us with a gentle but persistent Not Now, Not Yet, Stay Here, Be Still.

And we kick. And we cry. And we rail. And we push anyway.
And still the Void holds us, gently, firmly, Not Now, Not Yet, Stay Here, Be Still.

There is something for you to find.


This card is coming to you with the assurance that this Void you find yourself in right now is purposeful,

It's powerful, and it's loving.

Instead of railing against the lack of movement, even when you want it so, so badly, it asks you to look into the Void with different eyes.

It asks you to get comfortable with the stillness, the quiet, the empty.

To still yourself, as well;
To quiet yourself;
To empty yourself.

To allow for the fertile nothingness.

Because in that fertile nothingness is something that your Soul wants you to find.

Something She wants you to hear.
Some kind of gold She wants you to mine before you leave this space.

And the more we're willing to be here, to be still, quiet, okay with the emptiness,
even IN LOVE with the Void ---

---not only are we more likely to find that gold, but we're more likely to feel the gift of the Void itself:

The flow.
The ease.
The room to breathe.

The release.
The spaciousness to spread out.
The beauty of expansiveness.

The gold you are meant to find in the Void you are experiencing is there, love, if you're willing to get still.

If you're willing to get quiet, get empty, and look for what's here awaiting you.



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