What one of my clients sent me about her experience in Golden Goddess…


"I just want to say thank you Heather ❤️
This work is exactly where I’m meant to be.

After our last talk a lot happened internally.
In 48 hours I shifted through and came out on the other side feeling more aligned than ever before.
Last night while chatting with a soul sister I was sitting after telling her about all that had happened.....
...and there was ZERO internal chatter obsessing over the why, how or when.

Just silence.
I was in awe.

Coming back deeply into my Feminine is becoming more natural and powerful.

I’m feeling WHOLE.

My psychic ability has heightened,
I am hearing whispers from my guides,
and many synchronicities are happening constantly.

The real Amber has arrived
and it feels amazing!"

This isi from my goddess client, Amber Lavene —
— just halfway through this year’s Golden Goddess.

I'm proven this every single year,
and each year I'm still mind-blown.

There is literally nothing like this work anywhere else.



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"When I say this is the most important work that I've ever done in my life, I'm not exaggerating.
I feel like I was walking around in a fog, and now I've turned the lights on in every part of my life.
This has been LIFE CHANGING!"
— Jaime M.

"Do whatever you have to do to experience this work.
Seriously. It'll change your life."
— Julia W.

"The most Activating and whole-life-changing experience of my journey so far."
— Jennifer W.