Healing your body through Energy. It’s possible. I’ve experienced it.


I haven't had a migraine in a year.
But today one snuck up on me. :\

Well, that's not entirely true.

Want to know what I discovered about my migraines?

They're energetic.

I used to get them, like, every 2 or 3 months. Gnarly, awful, omg turn off the daylight, I'm going to throw up, Defcon 1 migraines.

And they literally STOPPED when I had my sudden Spiritual Awakening. On a dime, they stopped. One day I was someone who had migraines. Next day, I didn't have any.

What I HAVE noticed, though — is that I'll get one about onnnnnnnce a year,
RIGHT when I'm going through another major energetic uplevel
because I throw a little bit of a Human Tantrum about it.

My Ego, my Wounded Masculine, furrows its brow, and goes, "Hmmm, that seems big... I don't know... Are you sure I can do that?... I want to know more about this first..." ...and, BOOM. Migraine. 😒

And THE MOST interesting thing is:

Every single time I've asked (sheepishly), "Am I blocking this? And that's why this migraine?" I get a Yes.
And then I let my Soul guide me in how I can let myself open to it instead. And, poof, no more migraine.
No joke. It's happened pretty much every single year for the 3 years since my Awakening.

I’ll get a migraine on a day when a tonnnnnnnnnn is coming through intuitively and energetically, when I'm taken on a Shamanic Journey or meditation where I receive something new — and it goes away just as fast, as soon as I figure out how to release what I'm resisting and blocking.

I'm CERTAIN there's so much more of our physical discomfort,
pain and dis-ease that can be shifted and healed through our Soul work and energy.
I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it, first hand.

For example, when I was laying in the dermatologist's office last year, waiting for the doc to come in and start the little surgical procedure to remove the "questionable" mole from the bottom of my foot —

— and as I was laying there, I tapped in with my Soul and my Cosmic Team, I asked for the mole to be normal / benign (it was), and I asked to NOT FEEL IT (because, omg, novacaine injections in the ARCH OF MY FOOT 😫 in order to even get it numb).

And it was literally. nothing. NOTHING. I barely felt a THING.
And I mean, c'mon, the arch of your foot, you guys??! OW, right??

But wanna know what's even cooler?

I FELT my Team pull something out of the bottom of my foot RIGHT before the doctor came in. 😳 🤩

And I want to show you how to have this kind of connection with your Soul,
this kind of support from your Cosmic Team.

how to have this kind of access to healing.

Want me to show you?

The gates for Cosmic Shaman
are opening in just a few days.

There's going to be an early bird special (haha) — and I have a number of you on the waitlist already...
...but let me know if you want INNNNN on this this year. 👇🏼



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