Holy Wow!

Thanks to a conversation with one of my clients just 2 minutes ago,

I literally just had one of the biggest downloads around Money (and the Wound therein) I've ever received.


The first part that came through was this:

Our "Money stuff" is such a deeply embedded pattern in humanity --- not because it itself is so old (I mean, it hasn't existed forever, right? So why is it SUCH a strong pattern to shift??)

--- but because it's attached to the Ego Identification of Separation.

In other words --- because we've all been so fixated in the Masculine energy as a human race, for thousands of years, we're Ego Identified with Separation, with Other,

instead of with the Feminine Allness, of Both / And.

There's so much more that came through, but --- can you see?

This is what keeps that Money energy "out there," feeling like you can't reach it, like it's not coming.

#GoldenGoddessINDEED !!!!!


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