It’s not just a podcast. It’s an energetic Transmission.

You guyyyyyyyys....

My podcast, The Golden Path, is getting Freaking GOOD.

I started it out, the first 6 episodes, feeling like I really needed to build a foundation,
to speak about this work,
teach about it,
give you an understanding of these principles,
these Archetypes,
these Energies,

and why they're literally EVERYTHING to do with how we get to feel, and living our Highest and best lives.
I’ve loved all of it. Don't get me wrong.

I LOVE the 'cracking open' that gets to happen when someone realizes,
for the first time, that the reason shit has been way harder than they thought it would be

is because they've never been given Permission
to know a HALF of their Energetic Blueprint.

And it felt really important to lay out a SOLID foundation for that understanding.

But in the last 2 episodes, I've started moving into a new approach:
Discussing a deeper theme or topic, answering a question (or two) from my audience, and helping you feel into a specific THREAD of deepening into these Archetypes, Into the Sacred Feminine, and out of the Wound.

They're starting to feel like these really deep hour-long Meditations,
and I'm freaking LOVING it.

Episode 8 is dropping next week!

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My intention is to make this a very different experience for the world of listeners,
and I'd be so grateful for your support!!



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Heather Allison is an Energy Repatterning + Destiny Activation Coach for women.
Diving into ANY of her courses will allow you to shift out the Wounded energetics and patterns that are keeping you stuck — and help you step into deep Love and Sensuality, Soulful Success and Abundance, your Intuitive and Mystical abilities, the Joy and Freedom you were actually BUILT FOR.
Your ability to Manifest your Destiny lies in the Feminine Power within you. It's time to wake Her up.

Nothing else out there is like this work --- and nothing else creates the whole-life,
deep Paradigm shifts like Archetypal and Energy Repatterning work does.
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"When I say this is the most important work that I've ever done in my life, I'm not exaggerating.
I feel like I was walking around in a fog, and now I've turned the lights on in every part of my life.
This has been LIFE CHANGING!"
— Jaime M.

"Do whatever you have to do to experience this work.
Seriously. It'll change your life."
— Julia W.

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