How She Wolf is bringing us powerful medicine by taking us into the wilderness.

I'm in tears tonight because my She Wolf clients keep messaging me,
keep posting in our group,
keep telling me —

—this is some of the most powerful
work they've ever done in their life.

They keep telling me they're feeling DEEP, visceral shifts
in their bodies, in their beliefs, in their Power,

in who they've allowed themselves to be,
in how they've allowed themselves to be seen,
in how they've allowed themselves to SHINE.

I was so fucking uncomfortable birthing this course.

I started receiving that She wanted to come through LAST YEAR ---
but didn't post about it for the first time until January of this year,
and didn't open the gates until a couple months later.

I knew She had deep Medicine.

I knew She was Powerful --- more Powerful than I think I believed I was ready for.

I knew She was going to guide us somewhere incredible.

Last week, I was deep in meditation and I was guided into an energetic Activation ---
--- and I was told,

"You're taking them into the Wilderness now,"

and so I had to be prepared to do so...

so that I could bring through more of the Frequency
that She Wolf came here to bring through.

I took them through the same Activation this week.

And it was fucking incredible.

I'm so grateful for this work.
I'm so grateful that I've been given this gift of sharing it.

I'm so grateful I said Yes to my Cosmic Teacher 3.5 years ago
in that dream so that he could begin to teach me...

If you think
this world operates in the linear, in the rational,
and that's the only way you're making your way through it ---

I invite you, with all my heart,

to stop and look with different eyes.

There is so much Beauty.



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"When I say this is the most important work that I've ever done in my life, I'm not exaggerating.
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This has been LIFE CHANGING!"
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