I. Can't. Even

(okay, the 3 years I've been doing this work, but still...)

I have NEVER seen the kind of magic and Weaving of messages, visions, expansion, healing, intuitive Threads, symbols, animal spirits, Guides, transformation, etc ---

--- as I'm seeing in Golden Goddess
(and, honestly, also in my own life as I'm journeying this new ground just as much as they are).

I'm walking around constantly with this face: 😮 
Like, constantly.

That emoji is also being absolutely worn out in our fb group lately, as my clients keep sharing their visions, their Shamanic Journey experiences, the way their Teams are talking to them, the things that are unfolding and peeling away for each of them ---

--- we can't figure out any other way to reply than 😮

One of my clients just posted this:

"My mind is reeling right now! 
Absolutely reeling at the work we are doing!"

I'm with you!!!

As this new version of the journey was coming through, I was told that Golden Goddess would be bringing in shit that was going to blow my mind --- but OMG.

I've never seen anything like this.

The magic. The healing. The opening. The empowering.
The finding of Soul and SELF. The COMING HOME.

I'm just blown away.


I don't even know if this post makes sense, and I don't care.

I. can't. even.



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