I got a stern talking to...

I got in trouble tonight. 😕😬

I’ve been doing a lot of DOING lately.

New website. New Instagram design. New membership. New client pathways. New Golden Goddess. New *project I haven’t told you about yet.*

And I’ve been off the wagon when it comes to my Morning Practice — something I’m INTENTLY adamant about for myself and my clients...

...it is no less than a game changer.
A LIFE changer.

I’m still chatting with my Team all the time,
and still doing Dream Work,
and still even having my mind blown by downloads...

...but I’m not being very intentional about it.

I’m not making real time for Them.

Instead, I’m kind of “checking the box” on my Soul guidance and Cosmic Team connection.

I’m “squeezing Them in.”

And what do you think the Universe does when we “phone it in” with our part of the conversation??


And I promised I’d meditate today — because I had all day.
No clients.
No calls.
Just a day to write and create — and reconnect more deeply.

Except I didn’t do that last bit.
Until 630pm.

“Oh, right...”

And when I finally sat down, I got a stern talking to....


Wasted energy.
Inspiration waiting for you to receive it.
Doorways being offered and you’re not fully taking advantage of them — because you’re not letting yourself take time to see them.
Imbalance of work that’s not good for you.

Guidance that’s waiting to be received.


And the gut-punchiest one:

This is bigger than you.
Stop thinking you have to do it all.

I felt like the kid who just found out she’s disappointed the teacher. 😔

And the silliest part is — I KNOW THIS.
This is LITERALLY what I teach my clients.

Give Her a big enough Channel, and your Soul will do all the work.

You don’t have to DO so much.

And yet, it’s so funny how we can forget.

How we need to be reminded.

How we are always always always always called back to Center, back Home, by our Souls.

I’m listening.
I’ll do better.

Not about me.