I'm so embarrassed...

I post a lot of wins, a lot of empowering messages,
so I feel like I have to post the dark stuff, too,
to own my shit, too...

I'm so embarrassed...

I've had some seriously unconscious shit coming up this week --- acting in ways I don't even realize I'm acting

--- and I'm offending people, hurting people,
and I'm so.... so... embarrassed.

I do so much work to be conscious of my shit,
and to have such messy, ugly, Ego bullshit come up --- and then hurt people I love --- is so mortifying.

It feels Shameful.

And that's literally the ONE biggest energy I try so so so hard to avoid creating --- for myself or for others --- and I've failed miserably this week.

I made someone feel small,
and so I get to see my own smallness, and where I am still being asked to grow, to heal, to stand even more for Love.

I'm so sorry.
I vow to do better....


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