In just ONE day!


Big client wins today:

One client navigated a potentially explosive situation with her boyfriend --- avoiding what could've been a bad reaction and a bad interaction,

and --- because there was no conflict? --- she received the most delicious letter from him instead, telling her all of the ways he loves her.

Another client repatterned her business offerings to create more movement, to invite more clients and to call in more Money ---

--- and all with the energy of PLAY and Possibility.

Another client learned how to shift some super shady energy she'd picked up today from some random, fear-mongering business woman who called herself a "healer" ---

--- and discovered how to reclaim her Power, her Sovereignty and her sacred space... effectively clearing out all the energetic gunk that was weighing on her.

Another had a huge epiphany about how she could salvage a very difficult relationship with her father;

another put to rest a childhood Wound she'd been carrying with her for dozens of years;

another felt a return of her Power --- the Power and the gifts her Soul came here to express and experience --- through Shamanic Journey.

This shit is so freaking magical.

This was just ONE day in month 6 of Golden Goddess.

Lives change here.

And it's so much fucking fun to witness.

The Power found.

The Joy found.

The Purpose found.

The Love found.

The Expansion found.

The Abundance found.

There are still 15 spots available for 2019 (14, actually, because one more is spoken for after the 18th) ---

--- curious if one of these spots is yours?

Message me...

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