In the fertile blender...

Everything feels funky.

Everything is shifting,
in transition.

I've been here before.

Last Fall, actually.
(lol, only JUST realizing this --- is this going to be my period of rebirth every year??

Is this the Cosmic version of going back to school?!

Last time, what I had previously offered as my annual 'mastermind' experience was reborn --- became something bigger, more powerful,


She became Golden Goddess.

She was for the woman who literally wanted. it. ALL.

Who came here for that which is Golden, in every facet,

who Knows that's what she's meant for
(even if it's just a vague feeling of MORE),

who is done scrounging and settling for the scraps that life has been giving her.

Golden Goddess came in with --- not a Mission, that sounds like it's just an idea
or a goal that may or may not happen ---

--- no, she came in with an edict.

With a commandment.

With a resoluteness so clear that I knew it was simply my job to continue
to show up to receive what She was bringing through.

This Fall, Golden Goddess is still here ---
and about to open the Gates to receive her first magical women ---

--- but She wants ME to go bigger.

And I've been farting around over here, kicking old cans, trying to 'figure out' how I'm supposed to make that happen with what's in front of me, what's already here...

...and that's not at all what Going Bigger involves.

Going Bigger involves a level of Trust and Surrender to that which you can't see,

that which you can't define yet,
that which you can't plot out on a map or analyze on a spreadsheet,

that which you feel but which you DON'T KNOW.

I know this.

I teach this.

But Human Tantrums are still alive and well over here,
and Ego still goes kicking and screaming.

I just tapped in with my Cosmic Team and asked what the hell I'm supposed to be doing over here...

...and what I received has my head spinning.

Wait.... REALLY??

Alllll of the ideas are flooding in.

My Throat Chakra is going bananas.

My Crown and temples are crackalackin like someone's poking them with a taser.

My Ego Mind is like, "that's CRAZY, what if it doesn't work?"

I have literally no idea where to start.

And yet, that's exactly what it's like in this space.

In the Fertile Void,
in the blender,

in the realm of Infinite Possibility,

in the place where Chaos says,

"Hang on... I have an idea,"

and then asks you to let yourself be dismantled and put together
all at the same time,

while holding onto literally nothing but your knickers
(and your dialogue with your Soul).

*petulant sigh*

Here goes nuthin...


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Heather Allison is a Feminine Energy and Quantum Leap Coach. She helps you Awaken the forgotten, ancient Archetypes within so you can Quantum Leap into what you’re meant for: Mythic Love, Deep Magic and your true Destiny.

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