It's not your fault...

One of the coolest parts about this work is how it helps all the other "work" finally WORK.

I've totally been in that place where I was running around,

spinning from book, to course, to webinar, to coach, to training, to another book...

...repeat ad nauseum,

thinking that I'd eventually find "the thing" that finally worked, that finally made the difference.

Or maybe it does feel like it's finally working,

for a while,

only to find ourselves sliding back into the same cycles and patterns we thought we'd finally climbed out of.

It's fucking miserable when it feels like you can't poke a hole in the film that seems to be keeping you from what you KNOW you are meant to be doing.

Like, it's RIGHT THERE.


WHY is it so freaking hard to just get there?!


And the answer is:

Because nobody ever told you about the other half of the story.


Nobody ever told you that you have an entire half of your energy system that you've never been given access to,

that you've never been given Permission to Remember,

let alone to tap into, embody and utilize.

It's not your fault.

It's not your parents' fault.

It's not even their great grandparents' fault.

The other half of our energy blueprint has been buried and forgotten --- and even rejected --- for thousands of years.

It's all we've been conditioned with:

You get to work with HALF of your Human Technology,

HALF of who you are,

HALF of what you're meant for,

HALF of what you're capable of.

But here's the other cool part...

That's changing.

And WE are the generation who get to Remember, finally.

It's not supposed to feel so hard.

It's not supposed to be so much work.

You are meant to Co-create with the Universe EVERYTHING your Soul came here to create.

You are built to Receive more joy, more Pleasure, more LOVE than you could possibly imagine.

You have more freaking Power than I could even begin to explain to you.

All you have to do is Remember.

8 seats have been spoken for in Golden Goddess 2019 already,

and there are 12 seats still open...

This is part Mystery School,

part Mastery and Mastermind,

part cellular Activation,

part ancient Remembrance,

part Shamanic re-wholing,

part Archetypal Repatterning,

part Bliss-diving,

it's also part Love and relationship coaching,

part Business coaching,

part Intuition coaching,

part Ideal Self coaching,

part Quantum Leap coaching.

Because there are no Limits in the Archetypal Realm.

Just Choosing what you're ready for.

And if you're ready to call in and reclaim the part of you you've been conditioned to Forget ---

--- I'm ready for you.