It's time you get to rest...

The Wounded Masculine Paradigm says we have to be "ahead" of someone else in order to matter,

in order to have value to give,

in order to be okay,

or good enough,

or approved of,

claw our way to some imaginary "top" in order to be acceptable.

That we have to run the race,

stay in Control,

push harder, push farther,

don't let go,

don't let up,

do more.

The Feminine Paradigm says,


pull up a chair with us,

make yourself at home,

rest --- we know you've been pushing so hard.

Join us...

we're all here together,

and we're so grateful to have your Medicine here ---

--- we've been waiting for exactly its flavor all along.


see how much we all have to share with one another...

...we can't wait to see what we create."

#GoldenGoddess has 13 seats still open for 2019.

It's time you get to rest.

It's time you get to Receive.

It's time you get to Remember just exactly what you're meant for — and how good it feels to let it fill you.

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if you think you might be ready...