I've got the melencholies...

I’ve got the melancholies tonight.

I’m not sure why.

But I’ve learned enough of this Human Technology to know that it doesn’t matter:

Emotion wants to move.
And it wants to create movement.

It wants to Flow.
It wants to have free reign of the physical vessel to express itself and its Medicine fully.

{as I’m typing this, I’m seeing flashes of Violet light... the frequency of Alchemy, of transmutation... no coincidences...}

It wants to meet the body and be made manifest —

— and so I know it’s my job to allow it to pour through me.

I don’t have to understand.

{although I think that I do — the spiritual transformation happening within me lately feels like it has been creating me anew... growing pains? 

Also, triple water aspect in our Stars currently... and for this double water sign, that spells FEELS}

This inexplicable melancholy is simply Divine Energy asking to pass through the Gate of my Divine Humanness, and be released to continue on.

So tonight, I started watching Call Me By Your Name again. Starting it about halfway through.

The story of the beautiful and exquisite pain of a Love that was True but could only exist for a short time.
And I cried with Elio again — I know his pain.

And it moves.
This feeling, it moves.

And it’s beautiful.
They are all beautiful, these emotions of ours.
If we let them move without Shame or judgment.

Your heart is meant to feel a thousand different feelings with the same reverence, the same openness.

If you’re feeling strong emotions right now — can you let yourself Love them as they move through you?



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