Are you afraid to let yourself fall in love? Here's Why It's a GOOD Thing.

Love is always going to ask you to enter in afraid.

If you're not at least a little bit terrified when you "let yourself fall in love,"
then you're holding on, still, to some kind of railing,
to some kind of contingency plan,
to some kind of protection
and you’re not letting yourself fall all the way in.

Love is an all-in thing
— or it's not actually Love.

Love doesn't have railings.

It doesn't have contingency plans.
It doesn't have a transactional ledger of,
"if you ___, THEN I will ___."

Love doesn't form and it doesn't grow in a neat and tidy,
controlled experiment.

It requires the mess.
It requires abandon.
It requires the letting go of any semblance of control,
any idea of a 'railing' you thought you might get to have.

That's not to say it comes with a total dissolution of Self —
— because Love doesn't EVER cease to also be for ourselves, and so it won't ever ask
us to abandon our own Love as our First Love, nor to dishonor our Truth —

— but our "Boundaries" aren't meant to be held as walls,
as rules,
as measurements,
as transactions,
as ANYTHING that gets in the way of more Love.

So, ask yourself — where are you wishing for more Love?
Where are you wishing s/he would show up more for you?

And then ask yourself:
Where are you holding out "until"?
Where are you holding on "just in case"?
Where are you metering out the Love you'll show your lover until or unless s/he shows you first?

Where are you requiring Love to show you FIRST,
before you'll let yourself show Love?

Where are you waiting for it to be "safe" before you'll let yourself step through?

Where are you withholding Love?

From them,
from him,
from her,
from You?

When are you going to be willing to go first?
And let Love meet you there...


Love is Fire,

and it will burn away everything you thought you got to hold onto as your Protection.