Morning Musings: Progress

I know that I look great when I make the effort.

And I know that it's possible for me to leave the house without a stitch of makeup on or a strand of hair 'done' ---

--- but I've always felt self-conscious about it.

I've always felt like I HAVE to look "right,"
like I HAVE to look my best,
or somehow "the jig would be up" and people would see ---

--- see what, exactly?  that I can't be valuable or worthwhile or even lovable if I don't live up to some standard of 'perfect' that's not only impossible but indefinable?

I'm pretty sure that's the instantaneous connection my subconscious mind makes.

That people who currently 'value' me, in whatever form they do, would see me in my state of mess, and say,
"Oh.... nevermind..."


This morning, as we were out of coffee, I took my slept-in face and hair, threw on a jacket, and walked to the coffee shop.

I had a moment, standing there waiting for my drink order, when I felt like energetically shrinking, apologetic for how 'undone' and messy I must look to the people around me ---

--- when I suddenly thought about New Yorkers.

How I would so often see women there who were obviously powerful, obviously doing important things, and clearly beautiful in a myriad of ways and would dress to the NINES when called for ---

--- and who would be doing their THANG with their hair in a messy topknot, not a stitch of makeup on, maybe some god-awfully ugly tenisshoes, and not giving a SHIT.

Almost like a badge of honor.
Like, there are far more important Channels to put her energy into than a coat of shellac which has no bearing on what she's here to do.

And I thought,

"Y'know, I know that I look great when I make the effort.

But how great is it that I can have yesterday's mascara under my eyes, and this morning's bangs, and still feel like a badass?"

And so it was.
And so a layer peeled.

I felt it as it slipped to the floor.
And I left it right there on the floor of the coffee shop...


MANYYYYYY more layers of this particular conditioning and Wound to peel away --- but:



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Heather Allison is a Feminine Energy and Quantum Leap Coach. She often says she was plucked out of a 'normal life' by what she calls her Cosmic Team to help women Awaken the forgotten, ancient Archetypes within so they can find the Love, Soul, Pleasure and Purpose they're meant for.

A coach, teacher, photographer, writer and the founder of Goddess Army, Goddesspreneur, Cosmic Shaman and the latest, the Golden Goddess journey, she works with entrepreneurs, healers, light workers and all soulful women who know they're meant for MORE — more Love, more Magic, more Beauty, more Flow… In journeying through her latest experience, Golden Goddess, her clients leave the shackles of the Wounded Masculine paradigm of Fear and Struggle behind, gain access to the ancient, forgotten Archetype of Goddess buried within them --- and Quantum Leap into their most Mythic Love and Destiny. Based in Seattle, she works with goddesses worldwide.