Multidimensional Energy Focus -- for 11/11/11*

Now is the time to come back, continually, to what you Know.
Deeply, wholly, truly Know.
This is your Anchor.
It is your rudder.
It is your compass.
It is the wind in your sail.
What is 'out there' doesn't matter.
What you've been taught doesn't matter.
What your Ego would have you fight about,
react about, get angry about, shut down about,
none of this matters.
What matters is what you KNOW.
What do you KNOW?
In the deepest, deepest parts of you --- what do you Know?
Come back to this.

It is, at the same time, a time to seek to Understand.
Even that which you "don't understand."
Find the thread of Understanding within what appears to be foreign, not yours, Unknown, strange.
Commit, now, to connect through Understanding.
Make it your mission to find the commonality,
to find where it mirrors your own reality,
even if it requires a deep inner inquiry --- and offer it outwardly.
Be the one to say, "I can understand that...'s a little different for me, but I understand."
Express your willingness to Understand even that which you cannot.

Tap into the heart of what really calls to you,
into the heart of your Passion,
into your hottest flame.
The world doesn't need more apathy, more numb, more phoning-it-in, more punching-the-clock, more "fine."
It needs the Fire of our full hearts engaged in our lives,
in our relationships,
in our work,
in our creativity.
Note, however, if there's an instinct to "use" that Fire
rather than simply BE the Fire.
Our true Fire is not found in our hurt,
it is not fueled by our Anger.
Our truest, truest Fire is much deeper than that.
Our truest Fire, our deepest Truth,
is that we want to Love and be Loved.
That we want to feel and BE Joy.
That we want to expand in greater and greater Beauty,
and see all others expand, as well.
Go deeper.
Your true Passion will always be life-giving;
it will always be Wholing.
What does that look like for you?
Find that --- and take action from there.

If you haven't been connecting to the deep well of Magic within you,
if you've been forgetting that you're capable of Miracle,
if you've been on auto-pilot,
in over-doing,
in the staleness and lifelessness of what's Expected ---
--- this is your reminder to Remember.
That your greatest support is found within that which you can't define, can't box up, can't plot on a spreadsheet, can't manage with a To Do list.
Let go of the kind of structure you THINK you need,
and rest the way you were built to,
leaning back into the sheer Limitlessness of your Soul, and the guidance, Magic and Miracle She is waiting to offer you.
Be held.
Be guided.

{*Adding up 2+0+1+8 = 11}