Notes on this trippy life


The latest in the ongoing evolution of my "cracking open" --- aka my intuitive and Cosmic Awakening ---

--- is what my Team has called "Language of Light."
(not the same as what others might term Light Language)

In this, I get a specific sensation that tells me something profound wants to come through from the Esoteric realm...

...a kind of Mystic version of, "You've got mail"

--- and I know it's time for me to tune in and Receive.

And more often than not, the pure perfect, the unfathomable amount of orchestration and weaving, the sheer and truly Awe-inspiring information that comes through leaves me a pile of tears.

I don't know when, if ever, I will get used to feeling so fucking blown away, so fucking consistently,

or when I'll stop being so surprised by it.

I imagine never, since it's the Little Human response to the Infinite, right?

There's literally no point to this post other than to take another step out of this Woo Closet that I still find myself wanting to hide in.

Sharing more of my "crazy" experience with my boyfriend, and having him not think I'm "crazy."

Talking about what feels uncomfortable to talk about.

Mentioning the unmentionable.

Normalizing the "out there."

It's still a massive Edge for me --- not comfortable, not in the least, in spite of what you might think of what I already share

--- and so, I get uncomfortable in Service of my own expansion, and in Service of anyone else who needs to hear:

You're not alone.
You're not weird.
(Actually you ARE, but you're Wyrd ---
which just means you're tapping into your Personal Destiny.)

And there's so. fucking. much Magic out there if you want to experience it.

#GoldenGoddess #CosmicShaman #GoddessArmy #Goddesspreneur #GettinWeird #MysticalintotheMundane

Also: GOLD EGG CABIN!!!!!!!!


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