Nothing needs to be done

This is the card I pulled for my IGC call this afternoon —

— it feels like mannnnyyyyyyyy of us are
“in the blender,” right now,

in the Void,

having everything shaken up in service of our expansion.

This felt VERY potent for that space:

Goddess, rest.

You have been taught to do, to push, to do more; and yet it is in the not doing and the undoing where miracle is found.

We have forgotten that ours is a gift that comes of our being, not doing.

It comes of our feeling, our coming inside, our knowingness, and our opening wide.

Rest, Goddess.

There is always more time to do.

What wants to be Done is to Be.

In receiving this card in your reading, you're being called to slow down. To come back to center and reconnect with your deeper self, your emotional body, your inner knowing, your intuition, and your spaciousness.

Pushing, achieving, driving and doing have their place --- and it is in service of our being, our feelings, and our intuition.

And so this card is a call to stop here for a time; to get still.

To breathe more deeply, unfurrow your brow, fall on the floor to cry or scream if you must, and then -- when the crashing waves have come to finally rest -- to see with inner-vision, to listen more deeply, to feel what's underneath, to come to your breath, to taste the spaciousness of being still.

Soon again will come the time for doing. But that time is not now.

Now it is time for realigning with who you are without the doing. Who you are underneath the accomplishments and achievements; before the checked-off To Do Lists; in the in-betweens. What wants to be found in the stillness?

Simply, what wants to be done is just to be. And to hear your next calling from this place of quiet.

If you're receiving this card alongside "What are you trying to control?,"
there is a potent request to look into how you may be trying to avoid feeling something fully, something inside, by trying, instead, to control all that is on the outside.

The Doing is a form of control, and can become compulsive when we're afraid
of what we'll find in stillness.

It's safe, Goddess.

You are limitless and capable of so much more than you are aware. Come inside, still yourself, meet what is asking for your attention, what is asking for your Love, and know that you will find your peace there.


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