On Archetypal Energies

What are these energies and Archetypes I talk about all the time, anyway?

I created this Archetypal Grid to help clarify the different energies behind the Sacred and the Wounded forms of each archetype, Masculine and Feminine.

The current paradigm we're living in is the Wounded Masculine of the Patriarchy.

It's where fear, anxiety, separation, struggle and suffering reign supreme,

and where we've gotten ourselves — and our psyches, our bodies, our relationships and our world — on the edge of destruction.

In the emerging, incoming paradigm — we have not only the Sacred Feminine returning, but through her Remembering, embodying, Rising and healing,

she invites the return of her King, her banished cohort; the rise of the Sacred Masculine Archetype, as well.

This is what we're doing here, loves — it all starts with US, because she (the Divine Feminine Archetype) lives within each of us

— in our inner Knowing, in our bodies, in our energy systems, in our cells...

...buried, yes. Forgotten, yes. Vilified, yes.

But existing in her grace and her power within us nonetheless; always with us.

This is why we're waking up to that Remembrance, one by one, and her Sacred form begins to come alive within us.

Those of you who are Remembering now will be the ones to teach the next wave;

to show them what is possible here when we Remember WHO WE REALLY ARE;

to show them that here is where Love resides, where Ease resides,

where our Soul-aligned JOY resides, and where Magic comes back to life.


This is your call to Remembrance.

It’s time to Come Home.

archetypal energies.jpg


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Heather Allison is a Feminine Energy and Quantum Leap Coach. She helps you Awaken the forgotten, ancient Archetypes within so you can Quantum Leap into what you’re meant for: Mythic Love, Deep Magic and your true Destiny.

You are meant for MORE — more Love, Pleasure and Beauty; more Abundance, more Soul alignment and Ease —— it's NOT supposed to be this hard. It's supposed to be Magical.

Through Archetypal Activation, you'll leave the Wounded Masculine paradigm of fear, pain and struggle that was never built to support you.
Remember who you are, what you're capable of, and Reclaim the part of you that was built specifically for your success, your Soul's Purpose, your Love and your joy.