On entrepreneurship...


A friend and peer of mine posted the below about being an entrepreneur —
— and I'll add that every day feels like showing up to work naked,
on your worst hair day,

and your only recourse is not a cardigan,
but insane amounts of self-reflection,
inner work,

letting yourself cry,
talking publicly about how it felt,

and Choosing to do it again the next day... even bigger.

This is both the best thing I've ever, ever, ever done,
the happiest and most fulfilled I've ever, ever been,

and also the hardest and most Ego-shredding, skin-peeling, Fear-diving, Wound-excavating, comfort-releasing.

...and still — even though it's SO MUCH EASIER to collect a paycheck from someone else — returning to a 'job' feels like utter death.

I can't imagine doing anything else.

This Planet, our Souls,
our Enlightenment is my Mission.

And I ain't stopping.


"Entrepreneurship = putting yourself out there every single day to be rejected by most
in the hopes that you have an impact on a few 😍
and that that impact runs deep and spirals up and out
(there’s nothing that’s been better for crushing my ego than this journey ...)

And the few who do say yes and allow that impact in ...

They are my 🌎🌎🌎💕" — Kylie Slavik