On Fear of our own Power

How are you dulling, shutting out, or disconnecting yourselves from your intuition?



Giving your decision-making Power to someone else.
Letting Shoulds and Expectations drive.

Believing it's someone else's "gift" and couldn't possibly be yours.
Believing that it's simply coincidence or wishful thinking.

I feel you.

I did this for most of my life.
Pretty much all of these things.

And at the heart of every single way that we block ourselves from Receiving our deepest Knowing, our purest Guidance, our most Magical understanding and ability to dance with the Universe ---

--- is a deep Fear of our own Power.

37 years I quieted my intuition.
I quieted my Soul.

I quieted her most when I stayed married when I Knew I should leave;
when I didn't want to know (with a lower-case k)
what I already Knew (with a capital K).

I quieted her more when I didn't want to hurt anyone by listening, following, honoring what I heard inside.

I quieted her and handed over the reins of my life when I let someone else's reflection supersede what I felt screaming within me, asking me to CHOOSE ME ---

--- they loved me, they wanted what's best for me, but I KNEW ME.

I Knew my Truth.

And I didn't listen, again and again and again.

I Chose to follow, to over-give, to sacrifice me.
I Chose to talk myself out of what I Knew.
I Chose to put off doing what I needed to do.


Until the day that I didn't.

Until the day that I CHOSE ME.

I Chose what didn't "make sense" to anyone else,
what seemed "irresponsible,"
what "came out of nowhere" and "out of left field."

But it's the thing that makes the MOST sense.
Choosing Me.

It's THE most responsible thing I can do ---
--- in fact it's my birthright and my duty.
Choosing Me.

And it's what comes out of "nowhere" because it's the guidance that's meant ONLY for me, the guidance literally created just for me, and the guidance that nobody else can hear.

It's for me.

When will you Choose?


The Alchemy happens only when you come here,
inside, to your Center --- and CHOOSE.

The Alchemy happens only when you Choose YOU.

#GoldenGoddess #LetTheAlchemyBegin #ChooseAndWatchWhatKindOfMagicHappens


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Heather Allison is a Feminine Energy and Quantum Leap Coach. She helps you Awaken the forgotten, ancient Archetypes within so you can Quantum Leap into what you’re meant for: Mythic Love, Deep Magic and your true Destiny.

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