On Getting Golden

Last time, I shared that β€” in order for you to have anything, literally ANYTHING, that your heart and Soul Desires β€”

β€” you have to learn how to Be With more of the things you can't see, make sense of, plot on a spreadsheet, Do or plan.

What I mean by that is this πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

In order to have the things you most DEEPLY DESIRE, you have to get really, really good at Being With:

β–½ Sensation.
Sensations in your Body at a much deeper level, the language it speaks to you with those sensations;

β–½ Emotion.
The full spectrum of your Emotions, the "good" + the "bad"
(Bonus: the better you get at this, the more fluidly + easily they simply move through you);

β–½ Receiving.
Seems strange, doesn't it? We so deeply want the things we want, yet most of us don't actually know how to Receive it;

β–½ The Unknown.
There's a whole Frequency of energy most of us push away in the form of the Unknown, the Void β€”

β€” the Frequency of the INFINITE. Where do you suppose those things you Desire to manifest, to call in for yourself, are going to come from?;

β–½ Your Soul.
The Truth of your Soul's Path, its guidance + the way it provides your deepest Knowing;

β–½ The Mystery.
There's an entire multiverse of information + Magic, activations, accelerations, Secrets + support if you allow yourself to Be With it enough to learn its language.


Even more simplified:

When you begin to let yourself BE WITH and learn the languages of the Invisible Realms β€” both within you + around you β€”

β€” you cannot help but fast-track to EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE MEANT FOR.

Even better, doing just that gets to feel like Pleasure.


This is what we do in Golden Goddess.

Yes, it's a deep dive into Remembering + Re-awakening your Divine Feminine β€” but it's so much more.

It's literally the Unifying of the Divine Feminine Wholeness w/ the Divine Masculine Consciousness,
in service of your Quantum Leap.


I'm looking for TWO more women who feel called to claim it for themselves in 2018. πŸ’›

Not sure you're ready?
You're Ready when you CHOOSE to be Ready.

And I'll show you how to do the rest...

Private message me, + we can feel into if one of these two spots is yours.


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PS β€” Activate this ancient, forgotten Archetype within you, and learn how to have the Love, Life and Magic you’re meant for β€” download your *free* Goddess Manifesto and audio invocation here. www.heather-allison.com/goddessing1

Heather Allison is a Feminine Energy and Quantum Leap Coach. She helps you Awaken the forgotten, ancient Archetypes within so you can Quantum Leap into what you’re meant for: Mythic Love, Deep Magic and your true Destiny.

You are meant for MORE β€” more Love, Pleasure and Beauty; more Abundance, more Soul alignment and Ease β€”β€” it's NOT supposed to be this hard. It's supposed to be Magical.

Through Archetypal Activation, you'll leave the Wounded Masculine paradigm of fear, pain and struggle that was never built to support you.
Remember who you are, what you're capable of, and Reclaim the part of you that was built specifically for your success, your Soul's Purpose, your Love and your joy.