On Intuitive Hits and Romantic Connections

Just had this question come up, and felt called to drop it in here for you loves...

The question involved getting intuitive hits about a romantic connection --- and whether it was going to turn into more or not...

It's also come up in my sessions with clients this week --- how we can encourage someone along their path, help them to grow along with us...

And my answer is this:

The key is how YOU feel, rather than what you're getting from or about anyone else... 

It is always about coming into your Center rather than focusing on what's happening outside of you, or on someone else's process.

In truth, it doesn't matter what kind of intuitive hits you're getting about someone else, what it might mean, or what they're ready for or capable of Being With ---

--- the only thing you need to and GET to focus on is what is Here and Now.

What YOU are feeling, 
how aligned you feel,

what you can Control (which is never them or their path),
being open enough to Receive who and what is ready and wanting to come to you...

It can be tricky being an intuitive in love ---

sometimes we can read the 'potential' within someone's Soul, rather than what they're actually capable or ready to Choose in this lifetime.

So what do you know from HERE?
How do you feel here?

And how can you Choose to simply Open a bit more --- both to receive what they're able to bring into your life,
and to receive what your Soul has in store for you?



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Heather Allison is a Feminine Energy and Quantum Leap Coach. She helps you Awaken the forgotten, ancient Archetypes within so you can Quantum Leap into what you’re meant for: Mythic Love, Deep Magic and your true Destiny.

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