On Scarcity and an Abundant Universe

Ultimately the Truth of life and the abundant Universe, as I've experienced it and as I received in guidance from my Cosmic Team,

is that we get to relieve ourselves of the belief of Scarcity because one or more of these is ALWAYS available:

1. Getting creative to find for yourself that which you require;

2. Seeing where what you require is already being given or delivered to you,

perhaps where you're not yet seeing it, or perhaps in a package you weren't expecting;

3. Choosing to ask for what you require, what you Desire, to create the Possibility of Receiving it through that channel.

...so, truly, we CAN get rid of "need" from our vocabulary entirely.

And the energy of Scarcity goes with it.

Ready to #GetGolden?

It’s an Abundant Universe when you let yourself be guided by it,

dance with it,

make it your Lover.

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